Nationally Certified Teacher of Music at Piano

Certified Instructor for The Well Prepared Pianist Institute

Ms. Mann is dedicated to teaching students who want to learn how to play the piano to the best of their ability. She is also dedicated to improving her own playing and teaching skills through her study with N. Jane Tan at the "Well-Prepared Pianist Institute". Meg is a member of the 5-piano team, "Quintessence", and performs regularly both as soloist and in the ensemble. Her love for music extends beyond piano to composing works for various instruments, practicing and teaching harp, and playing the flute.


"Miss Meg is very experienced and very nice and patient teacher.  She teaches according to the students learning ability and helps them to do their best.  Her students learn to play very skillfully and confidently.  The lesson is an enjoyment for the student.  Miss Meg does not just tell the student what to do, she interacts and plays with the student.  She nurtures the student as she teaches.  She is the best teacher for the beginner or for the experienced student."  (parent) Jennifer Trinh


"Meg plays piano, harp, and flute.  She also composes exquisite music.  This range of musical expertise enriches Meg's lessons, and inspires her students."  (parent) Jody Louise

"Meg is a wonderful music teacher.  In addition to helping me progress, Meg is supportive and understanding.  I appreciate that she tries different approaches to find one that works for me." (harp student) Camille Lagron